Izzi is a medium full coated shorty. She is one of the happiest and fun loving females we have. She desires to be with us, travels, and absolutely loves water and stealing toys.


Emme is a light full coat shorty. She is our agile one. She is smart and graduated top of her obedience class. She will go all day, talks, and loves water.


Elle is a broken coated shorty. She is sensitive and loving. Desires to be at our side. Loves to play fetch and passes her sweetness to her babies.

20210916_111421 (2).jpg

Tilli is smaller and a broken to a light full coat. She is full of energy and looks forward to her runs. She is so kind and giving.

20210124_121512 (2)_edited.jpg

Evve is a very soft full coat shorty. She is our antics loving, smiling, willing to please,  clown. She enjoys being with anybody anytime.

20210916_111241 (2).jpg

Lilli is a happy girl and loves to cuddle. She is a full coat but her coat is so soft. She has a very sweet nature. She gets a lot of comments on her sweetness!


Ari is another one of our active and agile girls.  She will go all day and loves water. She is an excellent mother!


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