Puppies have arrived!! They are beautiful! Pictures posted!! Ready for their new home November 24th.

New Pictures 12/2/2021!

Ready for their new home!

We have a puppies going to Oklahoma, Colorado, and Montana. We are arranging transport. Please contact us for specific transportation needs or concerns to your area.

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Mom very soft Full Coat.

Evve is a full coated shorty. She is our antics loving, smiling, willing to please,  clown. She enjoys being with anybody anytime. Her and Jack have been sweethearts since their childhood for a long time. Their puppies have been giving, loyal, and very soft.



He travels everywhere with us, loves to sit on the console and watch for squirrels. Jack is smart and very loyal.

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Alli - Female - Available

Tan and white. Beautiful face mask. No body spot. Very soft coat. Looks to be a broken coat at his point.


Maci - Sold - Congratulations to very special new owners!  Parker, Colorado

Lemon and white. Beautiful even mask will darken. Angel Kiss on head. May have a body spot that will darken later. Very soft coated. Broken to light full coat.

20211128_125050_resized (2).jpg

Dublin - Female - Sold - Wyoming
Red and white. One body spot. Beautiful soft full coat.

20211128_125108 (2).jpg

Andi - Male - Available
Tan and white. Beautiful face mask. Body spot on left side and tail spot. Could be smooth to light full coat. 




Puppies have arrived 10/3/2021. They are beautiful!!  Pictures posted and ready for selections! Ready for their new home 11/28/2021.
New Pictures 12/2/2021!

20210916_111421 (2).jpg

Tilli is smaller and a broken to a light full coat. She is full of energy and looks forward to her runs. She is so kind and giving. Puppies have arrived!!


Dak is a full coat shorty  with curls. He has such a sweet personality. Desires to please and passes his sweetness to his babies.

20211128_124815 (2).jpg

Talli - Female - Available
Red and white. Beautiful Face mask. Two body spots and two tail spots. She is looking to be a smooth coat.

20211128_124330 (2).jpg

Rylie - Female - Available
Tri color. Beautiful Face mask and sweet faced. One body spot on left side. Looking to be a broken coat.


Tessi - Female - Sold - Congratulations!!
Tan and white. Beautiful Face mask with angel kiss. One body spot on each side. Tail spot. Broken to full coat possibility.

20211128_121804_resized (2).jpg

"Jackson" - Sold - Montana!

Brown and white. Nice face mask with white accent. One body spot and tail spot. Broken coat.

20211202_115044 (2).jpg

Tanner - Male - Available
Tan and white. Sweet face mask with angel kiss. Two body spots and a tail spot. Full rough coat.

Both of these boys, Tanner and Tucker, are a beautiful matched set!

20211202_115052 (2).jpg

Tucker - Male - Available
Tan and white. Sweet beautiful face mask. One body spot and a tail spot. Full rough coat.




Puppies have arrived!! Pictures posted! Ready for their new home 12/5/2021! This pair produces exceptional full coated sweet babies! This is a beautifully marked litter!!
New Pictures 12/2/2021!


Izzi is a full coated female. She is always happy and passes her sweet spirit to her kids. She is a little diva and loves looking ay herself in the mirror, and especially posing for pictures,


Dak is a full coated shorty  with curls. He has such a sweet personality. Desires to please and passes his sweetness to his babies.

The Tri colored babies' heads may turn red with black body spots. Hard to tell yet.


Isabelle - Female - Available
Tri color. Unique face mask. Two spots on tail. One body spot on each side with a few freckles. Broken to full coat.

20211202_113216_resized (2).jpg

Ilise - Female - Sold - Congratulations!!
Red and white. Beautiful even face mask. Tail spot. Several evenly spaced body spots on each side. Broken to full coat.


Iliana - Female - Sold - Sterling Colorado!!

Tri color. Beautiful even face mask. Tail spot. No body spots. Broken to full coat.


Ike - Male - Available
Tri color. Beautiful even face mask. Large tail spot. Body spot on each side. Smooth to broken coat.


Ian - Male - Available
Tri color. Beautiful contrasting face mask. No tail spot. Body spot on right shoulder. Smooth to broken coat.


All puppies in this litter are uniform in size and FAT!

During this time of uncertainty, not knowing if toys or gifts will be available, or arrive on time, think of a gift of a puppy that will last for years. These healthy and loyal companions will share life, happiness, and joys with you. They will snuggle, hike, walk, play, chase and adore every member of your family. So many of ours are clowns and just make us laugh! Please consider our babies as you try to decide what gifts to give. Make it a memory!




Arrived 10/24/2021! Beautiful, soft coated. Pictures 12/2/2021. Ready for new home December 19th. Beautiful full coated baby.

20210916_111241 (2).jpg

Lilli has the sweetest attitude and loves to be held and adored. She is a full soft coat. She is due around the middle of October. These puppies will be ready for Christmas!

20200713_110610 (2)_edited.jpg

Dak is a full coat shorty  with curls. He has such a sweet personality. Desires to please and passes his sweetness to his babies.

20211202_121443_resized (2).jpg

Laddie - Male - Pending
Tan and White. Beautiful face mask. Angel Kiss on head and one body spot.