Ready for their new home!

We have puppies going to several different states. We try to assist in arranging transport. Please contact us for specific transportation needs or concerns to your area.

All of our dogs are registered through the EJRTCA as they maintain a stricter standard for the English Jack Russell. Registering through the AKC can be done easily for the agility, dock diving, and obedience to compete.

Breeder reserves the right to hold first puppy to preserve our genetics.

Due to family health issues we are reducing the asking price of our babies. It is really hard to do this but feel it is necessary.
We also have a couple of juniors available and a couple of 2 year old females not shown on our Girls page. We have excellent dogs but sometimes life happens. We plan hopefully to maintain our core stock to breed later. Call for pricing on the juniors and females.



Elle is a broken coated girl. She is very sensitive and loving. Desires to be at our side. She passes her sweetness to her babies.


Jack is a thick smooth coated little man. He goes to the ranch every day with us and the console belongs to Jack!!

 "Coop" - $800


 Coop - Male - Available - $800

Coop is an amazing boy. He is so much like his dad Jack. He is Red/White Smooth to a light broken coat. 

Think of a gift of a puppy that will last for years. These healthy and loyal companions will share life, happiness, and joys with you. They will snuggle, hike, walk, play chase, and adore every member of your family. So many of ours are clowns and just make us laugh! Please consider our babies. Make your decision to purchase one of our babies a memory!




This is an outstanding litter of beautifully marked babies! Most of these should have full or rough coats like teddy bears. Ready for their new homeApril 7.

Pictures Updated 3/24/22

Emme - Mom very soft Full Coat.


Emme is a light full coat shorty. She is our agile one. She is smart and graduated top of her obedience class. She will go all day, talks, and loves water.



Dak is a full coated shorty  with curls. He has such a sweet personality. Desires to please and passes his sweetness to his babies.

Spencer - $800

Spencer- Male - Available - $800

Black Tri color -Right side body spot, tail spot. Beautiful facemask. Broken to full coat possibility

Personality - Spencer is a sweetheart and very attentive. One of the first ones to come to me. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!

Rusty - $800

Rusty- Male - Available - $800

Red and white -Left side body spot, Two freckles on right side, tail spot. Beautiful facemask. Broken to full coat possibility

Personality - Rusty is outgoing, checking out the excitements, new noises, and new floor surfaces. Keeps coming back for attention, Smart!

Lisa Lock

Lisa Lock - Female - Sold - Montana Bound!

Black Tri color. Right shoulder body spot, tail spot. Beautiful facemask. Broken coat possibility

Personality - How many times can you say snuggler??? She loves to be in my lap and following me wherever I go. You will never have to go to the bathroom alone again!!