Shiloh Creek Kennels

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Shiloh Creek Puppy Training

          Every puppy we raise has a part of us in them. We take great pride in the development and socialization of each one. Day 3-16 we begin early neurological training developed as part of the Super Dog training in the military, This activates the neurological system earlier than normal which results in an increased capacity to perform better, improved tolerance to stress, improved cardiovascular activity, and greater resistance to disease. Each puppy is handled daily with five separate exercises during this time frame.

At week three the puppy begins a new program called the Rule of 7s created by dog trainer Pat Schaap. During this time the puppies eyes and ears are opened and will create a dog that is more accepting and adaptable to new situations and stimulations;

~ Been on 7 different types of surfaces - carpet, concrete, wood, vinyl, grass, dirt, gravel, wood chips, etc.

~ Played with 7 different types of objects - big balls, small balls, soft fabric toys, fuzzy toys, squeaky toys, paper or cardboard items, metal item, sticks or hose pieces, etc.

~ Been in 7 different locations - front yard, back yard, basement, kitchen, car, garage, laundry room, bathroom, crate, etc.

~ Met and played with 7 new people - children, older adults, someone with a cane or walking stick, someone in a wheelchair or walker, etc.

~ Been exposed to 7 challenges - climb on a box, climb off a box, go through a tunnel, climb steps, go down steps, climb over obstacles, play hide and seek, go in and out of a doorway, run around a fence, etc.

~ Eaten from 7 different containers - metal, plastic, cardboard, glass, china, pie plate, frying pan, etc.

~ Eaten in 7 different locations - crate, yard, kitchen, basement, laundry room, living room, bathroom, etc.

We have added a few additional items to this list - we expose the puppies to different noises: car horns, traffic, screeching brakes, different types of music, loud voices, (these are mostly provided by cassette tape and radio) etc.


Raising a puppy that is healthier, more socialized, and ready to take on the world, is our commitment to each new owner.

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