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Shiloh Creek Kennels sits at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains and along the historic Tongue River in Wyoming. We raise outstanding Shorty Jack Russells also known as "Shorties." We have been raising dogs for several years as well as owning an equine boarding and training facility. All of our babies are born and raised in our home with hands on every day. Each dog is hand picked from the best of the best that we raise, and are chosen for their outstanding characteristics and personalities. Our "kids" are introduced to our ranch style of living by traveling to horse events, working on the land, and meeting animals. The sights and sounds are started early to stimulate their learning. We love every one of them for their funny antics and outgoing loyalty they give. So much of ourselves go into these little guys and girls. The qualities that are selected are adaptability, athleticism, intelligence, and loving nature. They are bred to be "adored" and are a part of our family.

Our puppies are very special to us and we realize there are many scams, so we will provide our veterinarian name and phone number for a reference check to verify we care for our kids.


Shorty Jacks


Funny, antics, clowns, and desire to please


Give you their heart


Desire to be with you all the time



Shiloh Creek Kennels

Sheridan, Wyoming


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