We found out in our search the quality we sought was very hard to find. Finally we came upon a couple of people who today I call my dear friends  and consider them family. Due to these to these friendships we finally found the beauty  and quality we sought,with wonderful pedigrees from many champion lines that have been raised for quality and health.This is what we want to provide you with in your new family member.
      People often don't realize the work,time and major expense  that goes into this daily if you do it right. It is 24/7,you don't have a life. They are children that can never do anything for themselves. Yes,we do call them our kids and they are treated that way. Our  breeding adults are treated with the utmost respect and when they are retired go into homes,adjust  and do so well simply because they have been loved and cared for.
      I,(Diane & Randy has delivered babies as well on ocassion)am with each mommy when delivering and help her bring each little one into this world. You have a lot of sleepless nights and days at this job cause you never know how long it may take  for each delivery.As soon as she has the baby I do all the clean up,witness that first little breath of life,then give baby back to mommy. Every litter you are always a nervouswreck,hoping everything is going to go alright,then you get through the delivery and it is then continueally watching over the babies for the next 12 weeks,hoping and praying these little ones  will thrive to become a wonderful addition to your or another family.
      Our Nursery is set up in our basement when the babies get big enough to start coming out of their crates we put ex-pens around them with wee wee pads and they come out to play and helps them to get started on potty training. They are socialized with other puppies,adult dogs run around the ex-pens and we are always with them as well. They get use to all types of noises, the vacum running all the time,dogs barking and the T.V. playing constantly which they do watch sometimes. We do have a kennel which is right out our basement door. It is gas heated,air conditioned  and has cable T.V. which they watch animal planet or cartoons. They have nice size areas to move around & play inside.We also have fenced in playgrounds they can get out  to run and play daily weather permitting.Some people may not believe it when we tell them we don't live upstairs in our house.We are always in the basement or kennel with the kids. 
        We do hope we can help you find your new family member here.Also once you take your new baby home we stress you please send us updates and pictures because  we so enjoy hearing from you and seeing them as they grow. I will always be available as well if you need me for any questions or concerns you may have anytime.Over the years we have developed so many friendships through  doing this. We place so many of our babies from refferals and repeat buyers. We have worked very hard to build a good reputation from Honesty and the Quality of our kids. Thank  You for taking the time to visit us here at Shilohcreek and hope we hear from you soon. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
                                                                       Thank You
                                                                    Randy & Diane
Hello,we are Randy & Diane Rutledge. Welcome to Shilohcreek  Kennel's.  I would like to tell you a little about us. We have owned dogs all of our lives  and are considered and treated as our  kids here. Years ago we raised Pomeranian Puppies but  we couldn't do it for very long because each time we would place one of our  puppies  it would break our hearts even though we knew they were going to a loving home. Then some years ago due to a tragic accident we lost our beloved Furby which was a Yorkie-Pom mix.Then shortly after that we started talking about breeding again and that we would have to look at it differently that we would be sharing the love we have for our kids with other families. Again it was very hard at first then as time went on & people sent us pictures and letters about how much they loved our babies and thanking us for them it was so rewarding and felt so good to feel you were good in what you were doing.